Last June, I took my first step in a Course to become a Life Coach. I felt a need to understand more about who I am and what it is that I am still searching for. Coaching, opens this up completely, it makes you ask yourself questions that you would never do before and by learning from our mistakes it allows us to grow and accept the past as a necessary experience. However, then Summer came, so with family here and so much to do, naturally, I put my course to one side for a short time but now, once again I’m back at full throttle and totally immersed in these books once again. This is perhaps one of my most significant goals to complete before I reach 60. The Dream, is to be able to use this valuable information in the future to help others realise that by coming 60, does not mean The End but it is the beginning of a whole new Chapter.

An integral part of the Course is appreciating that before you can actually help anyone, you must first have experienced and understood what the Basic Coaching Principles are about. A most interesting part for me was personally realising my passion in life. There are many difficult and prying questions that need to be answered before you can arrive at this point, one minute we think we are going nowhere then the next it suddenly all becomes clear. It is a truly wonderful feeling when you suddenly realise what it is that you want in life. The process of arrving at this point can vary, for each person it is always different but knowing the steps to take and that your goal is now in sight is really part of our Life Purpose.

I am currently studying the area of Communication in Life Coaching, this section is very “Hands on” and exciting, I finally understand that after all the study, things are finally starting to come together. Being able to become fully grounded in what a client is saying, virtually putting myself in their shoes and understanding how my perspective on their current issue, could actually turn their life around. This is the point, by simply listening and giving them a completely different view on a situation is sometimes all that they needed.

The Journey Begins

So it came and went, the day I had been dreading for so long, my 59th Birthday. I often looked at people I knew and thought OMG they are sixty now, I’m so glad to be me, in my 20’s young and married with 2 children and a wonderful life, the world was my oyster. Then in my 30’s, I started a horse breeding farm in the West of Ireland, everything was seemingly perfect. On came the 40’s, not so young any more but with 4 children, dogs and horses, life was always far from dull. By this time, I was married for a second time and 1 had opened a children’s department store, not far from Dublin. In 2007, (moments before the financial crisis) we made a big move to Mallorca to be by my family and live the dream still further. My 50’s, the party continued but my 2nd marriage didn’t. With a change of direction, I ran a store designing and building furniture. This was a great life, sunshine, painting and plenty of Rose. Yes a new man and a new life but this life was not promised for long and so found myself making big decisions once again.

At this point, I no longer believed in myself. I wondered what it was that I was doing wrong, I was nearly 60 and still felt so ungrounded and unfulfilled, even though I have four amazing children and a wonderful life that was the envy of many. Sometimes it is important to realise that we are all different and we just have to follow our own path in life and it’s from what we learn along the way that allows us to accept who we are and understand more where we want to go.

Now I’m 59 and I would love to share my thoughts, dreams and plans going forwards. I always thought 60 was so far away but I was wrong. Now is the time to get it right and enjoy each moment for all that it offers. By sharing my experiences I hope to help others deal with their own barriers in life and how we must all realise that being 60 is only just the beginning. Please join me on this journey, I have so many plans and a Bucket list to complete! Maybe you are also in a similar position and I would love to hear your thoughts, so please check in for a chat whenever you want.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first Blog!