Mallorca is truly wonderful at this time of the year. I just popped out to our veggie garden and brought in the breakfast. There is no better start for me than a green smoothie. I also add Spirulina, Barley Grass and Frozen Bananas (tip of the day- they freeze perfectly and then you dont need the ice.)

If you can produce vegetables at home Kale is my one thing that I use daily. It is very easy and quick to grow. I have about twenty five plants from which I continually cut whatever I need. Hopefully this will last me through the winter.

If you want to know about the recipe I use or other ones just message me and i will be glad to pass it on. If any one has any other favourite drink of the day, please tell us.

I used to eat cereals and toast and other similiar stuff but now I take more care about what I ingest. I have also 90% ruled out dairy and meat. On the odd occasion i do have fish but not Tuna or other large fish and I definitely make sure melon is in my diet every day. I do feel my health has improved already due to these changes in lifestyle and diet. Nails are stronger, no nagging pains in my elbows and no cramps in the middle of the night. Suddenly you realise one day “oh that pain went” and so we move on more positive and stronger by living, laughing and learning.

Have a beautiful weekend.

If life gives you lemons, make a juice!