Pure Celery Juice – It’s good for us all.

Such a refreshing start to the day and the health benefits are enormous.

I follow a writer and medical medium called Anthony Williams. He has written several books about how the foods we eat can either make or break our lives. I recently bought his Celery Juice book released in 2019 and it is packed with information about the benefits of celery and it says clearly that pure Celery offers us cures for so many of the diseases there are in the world today.

Celery comes in different forms there are the stalks, leaves and powders but NOTHING is as healing as pure freshly juiced Celery.

To prepare it takes around 10 minutes and this includes washing the celery thoroughly after that you just feed it through the machine. Celery juice apparently can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours without losing any of the goodness. I find about 1 good head of celery makes two big glasses.

As we get older it is vital we think more on what we decide to eat. I know my daughter always was saying to me that i should have hot lemon water in the mornings and i thought oooh no… awful, just give me a coffee please. Now I take hot lemon water every morning, this small step was the catalyst of change for me.

To make these juices you need a juicer and this separates the juice from the fibre. I have an omega Juicer that i bought on Amazon. They are not cheap, but I had made the decision to improve my health and this machine is now used every single day. It takes no time to clean and I even recommend using it for squeezing Oranges, you get twice the amount of juice than you do from a regular squeezer. It has many other uses that include making shapes from dough like bread sticks. Basically, my best purchase ever.

If you have any questions about juicing or some health issues that just dont seem to want to disappear… it could be that you just need to change your diet. Feel free to write and if you have any questions i will do my best to answer them. Always here to help as we live, laugh and learn.

My Juicer in action separating the liquid from the fibre.