My 60th Bucket List.

1. Develop a Blog and get it live, then i would love some followers and receive lots of likes. I know these things need time and effort but i think it will be really good fun. It’s been on my mind for a few years now.

2. Learn how to use the new TV and the remote. I really never watch much television so this is something quite hard as I’m never allowed to hold the remote anyway. Now i also understand our phones work the TV as well… this is a learning curve.

3. Take the bike out of the attic and return to training. Do a three day ride around the Island stopping each night somewhere different and exciting. There will be a shortage of evening wear – Nevermind, lets do it.

4. Visit my sister who lives in Guernsey an island near the UK. She has been sick for sometime and because of Covid it has not been possible to visit her. I really miss her.

5. I would love another holiday on a sail boat it really is the best type of relaxation especially reading a book while at sea (we did this before once). Hopefully my children can come as well, with partners we could be 10 on the trip then. This would be a dream.

6. My tomatoes were not so good this year a bit like my beetroot which never really grew…odd. So i would love to have a good crop next year. . Can anyone please help me here?

7. Something not so exciting but it is necessary to have put in automatic watering for the vegetable garden. This summer there were just too many hours spent watering and not enough time enjoying the sun going down!

8. Finish reforming our house. It’s driving me crazy two years here now and I’m really behind, i suppose Covid stopped us in our tracks there for 6 months and then the builders… simply speaking it was not a good time.

9. The boring part, i must still lose another 4 kilos…time to get the bike out.

10. Try to not love ice cream any more, infact, add Pizzas to that list as well.

11. Find the dream job… several options but this is not a time to make decisions so lets wait and see. Location is also up for discussion…I’m getting quite excited.

12. Find the time to do all of these things and enjoy every minute of the ride.