So happy to be back on my Bike which i recently secretly named Guisseppe (I always loved the speed of those Italians!). My boyfriend always believes that no matter what you have, if it serves you well, you should give it a name and in time you and he/she will develop a special relationship together. It’s like they develop a soul…. but that’s a story for another day.

This week we totalled around 90 kms. We had a massive day of Adventure which started when we realised our bikes were NOT going to fit into our Jeep. Never being one to give up, we decided just to head for the coast and stop en route for coffee and a map check. We are always thinking of our tummies, so when we arrived at this random little Bar in the Square of Llubi we were thrilled to hear our bill for 2 Cafe con Leche with 2 Very large Napolitanas ( Croissants filled with loads of chocolate) was a total of 4.30 euro, definitely coming back here! So back on Guisseppe and Silver Arrow (Boyfriend’s Bike) we soon passed through some really beautiful country lanes with amazing mountain views. Included, was a town called Sa Pobla, the main vegetable growing area of Mallorca, where we saw fields of Potatoes, Kale, Artichokes, Onions etc.. surrounding us on all sides. We then headed down to the Coast of Alcudia passing through a National Park with natural lakes and surrounded by beautiful wild life all nestled in the endless Bamboo plantations that protect these areas. Unfortunately Andreas, (aka boyfriend) blew a tyre 9 kms before we arrived. No problem, a handy taxi took him to repair it and we continued onward. Now it was 5.30 and starting to get dark so a race to the Train station for a quicker trip home was necessary. We couldn’t resist a quick Gin and Tonic in our local to celebrate this special day before being kindly brought back home in our neighbour’s Van.

I have added a link below to part of the Adventure from the other day. If you use Strava, please join me and we can give each other those Kudos in the challenges that lay ahead. Otherwise, we can connect on Strava via my name Deborah McGuinness.


Thanks to you, I have already made good some progress on this Bucket List.

The Number 1 challenge was to Develop a blog and get it live. I am so happy to say this is now finished. The second part of this challenge which was to gain followers and receive lots of likes, is still in progress. I am however, starting to understand how a blog works, even though I do have so many drafts in the trash I have actually managed to post 3 times in total. So thank you. There are a few followers and likes so feeling quite chuffed with myself. Several people have given my some good tips and i love the help, we get nowhere without it.

The second challenge to master the TV and Remote. Also done and i now can manage the TV on my own and do screeen mirroring from my phone… that is massive progress. There has been no-one around to take the remote of me as my partner is even less savvy than i am on anything to do with technology.

At the moment, that is as far as progress goes. The bike has still not been out, dog walks win every-time and we are due a big storm this weekend… lets start the bike on Monday.

The quote below is so inspirational and will indeed keep me going forwards, living, laughing, and learning all the way.

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savouring the journey.”

Thank you for reading this and sharing the journey with me.

Enjoy your weekend.