So happy to be back on my Bike which i recently secretly named Guisseppe (I always loved the speed of those Italians!). My boyfriend always believes that no matter what you have, if it serves you well, you should give it a name and in time you and he/she will develop a special relationship together. … Read more BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN


Lives can change in the blink of a second, One minute you’re getting ready for his favourite part of the day- the walk. Then the next you’re holding him close as he peacefully passes away. There is no second chance to go back and change what has just happened. Pau lived for his walks for … Read more MEMORIES OF PAU…


Today a good friend died and for sure the world is a sadder place.  He was just one of those guys that had it all, good looks, charm, sincerity, humor but above all, he believed in himself and was just one of the most genuine and natural people I have ever met. My dad (he … Read more SHAKEN NOT STIRRED


Mallorca is truly wonderful at this time of the year. I just popped out to our veggie garden and brought in the breakfast. There is no better start for me than a green smoothie. I also add Spirulina, Barley Grass and Frozen Bananas (tip of the day- they freeze perfectly and then you dont need … Read more A LEAN AND GREEN START TO THE DAY.


So hard to write about your own family, why is this? I probably am the luckiest mum, mother, mummy (they all call me different names) in the world. I have 4 incredible children from 34 down to 19! But let’s face it, i think we all have amazing children. When I look back, I often … Read more MEET MY TRIBE.


Thanks to you, I have already made good some progress on this Bucket List. The Number 1 challenge was to Develop a blog and get it live. I am so happy to say this is now finished. The second part of this challenge which was to gain followers and receive lots of likes, is still … Read more UPDATE TO 60TH BUCKET LIST


Time for a chat? It totally disrupts my concentration when someone is trying to take a picture of me. I’m trying to write my first blog, but not quite sure what to say? I will figure this out as I find it quite cool being able to write to so many people about all the … Read more DOG BLOG

My 60th Bucket List.

1. Develop a Blog and get it live, then i would love some followers and receive lots of likes. I know these things need time and effort but i think it will be really good fun. It’s been on my mind for a few years now. 2. Learn how to use the new TV and … Read more My 60th Bucket List.

The Journey Begins

So it came and went, the day I had been dreading for so long, my 59th Birthday. I often looked at people I knew and thought OMG they are sixty now, I’m so glad to be me, in my 20’s young and married with 2 children and a wonderful life, the world was my oyster. … Read more The Journey Begins


Big challenges ahead this year and a serious Bucket list to complete. Don’t miss my healthy tips and recipes in the kitchen. We have kilos to lose as my Road bike comes out of the attic, not a minute to waste as next September I’m turning 60! Stay tuned for guest speakers covering many interesting areas!

Please join in whenever you feel like it, I welcome your feedback as this is a year for me to live, laugh and learn.

See you around.Read more About