Today a good friend died and for sure the world is a sadder place.  He was just one of those guys that had it all, good looks, charm, sincerity, humor but above all, he believed in himself and was just one of the most genuine and natural people I have ever met.

My dad (he is in the header photo on the right) knew him well in his golfing days, let’s just say they were similar characters and shared many happy times together.  In later years, when I was first married, our families spent much time together in Marbella.  He also regularly played golf with my First husband and these games were both serious and fun at the same time.  It may have only been for a golf ball or a fiver but nobody wanted to lose… there was much chatter after these games in the Clubhouse but always they would be ready to play again the next day.

Here’s a little memory I will never forget, we were all in Marbella including my mother who was staying with us, and there I was organizing the evening’s social calendar.  I called the Connerys and suggested they come up to our house for supper as my mum was staying with us. They happily accepted and agreed 7.30 at the house.   Ok… so I think the day went a little crazy and I didn’t get the shopping done so my husband kindly offered to take us all out for dinner instead.  This was fine, but I omitted to tell Sean and Micheline about the changes.  So at 7.30 up they rock and Sean is looking beautiful in a full-length Kaftan (Moroccan dress).  He would only wear this style when with friends… but apart from being slightly surprised about the change of plan (he did forgive me eventually), he made the entire evening so much fun because he just went with the flow… everyone wanted to be pictured with him. To make matters worse, or better, he had forgotten his glasses and so asked my mother if he could borrow hers, this made her day and she loved him forever after.

This photo was taken on a trip to stay with them for a weekend, it was just us and I remember him saying to me at dinner I should drink more Vichy Catalan as it was the best water in the world… I think on this point he was right.These were really great times and I will never forget him or his gorgeous wife who made their home such a happy one.   RIP Sean… best Bond ever.

Just a great normal Guy.

We will miss you…

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